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Living Creations is a brand created by British makeup artist Holly Brown.


Holly provides bespoke makeup services for weddings, festivals, events, parties, and theatre.

She began experimenting with makeup in 2014 and quickly got hooked, working mainly with facepaint.

As she transitioned into special effects makeup and started combining different products to create all kinds of designs. 

In 2019 she worked a summer in Ibiza, Painting stag parties, hen parties and even painted the cast of ITV's television programme, Ibiza Weekender. 

" I have always enjoyed seeing the look on client's faces when I hand them the mirror and they see their face. Whether it is making someone look and feel beautiful or turning a child into their favourite TV character and seeing the excitement on their face. Having someone look amazed at their special effects makeup, I Just love bringing joy to people with my makeup looks." - Holly 


She uses professional makeup and high quality tools to create looks suitable for any occasion.



Diamond FX


Silly Farm



Special Effects



Sculpt Gel

3rd Degree



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